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These student-athletes are those participants that are working to posses the necessary skill to compete at the Varsity level.  J.V. Student-athletes will compete against schools with similar athletic ability.  The main objective of the J.V. program is to provide student-athletes with the necessary skills and experiences to move onto the next level.  Some J.V. Student-athletes may be asked to compete at the Varsity level in the event of an injury to a Varsity player or because their efforts and development have earned them the right to do so.  It is up to the discretion of the Varsity coaches when and if that athlete has achieved the necessary skills and experiences to make that move.










Husky2018 J.V. Team

#12  Courtney Rickard
#22  Meredith Trutrone
#7    Kelli Guilmette
#21  Natalie Johnson
#16  Kayleigh Harris
#3   Kenzee Hogsek
#4   Alison Lapointe
#8   Emily Newton
#2   Tori Pepe
#5   Cameron Goff
#1   Marsee Leong
#6   Hannah Kennan


The Husky Program is one deep in tradition and success.  Being part of the high school softball experience is a demanding chore that requires commitment of time, energy and patience.  The Husky softball coaches view our program as an extension of the high school experience.  An extension that is earned with a positive team-oriented attitude, a commitment to our program goals and the desire to be “the best”.

J.V. Team CoachesHorizon Husky

Head Coach: Coach Mike Gore

Assistant Coach: